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Glad Påsk! Happy Easter!


Sitting on the train heading up to Värnamo to spend the holiday with my in-laws we were approached by a little girl. Being accustomed to panhandling on the subway in NYC, I averted my eyes, hoping my husband would deal with it and send her away. When a meek gentle voice wished us “Glad Påsk” I saw that the girl was dressed as an Easter Witch with a green apron and scarf, covered in painted-on freckles. She was the daughter of the train conductor, handing out free chocolate Easter egg candies to all the passengers.

2013-03-29 13.01.372013-03-29 12.06.382013-03-24 17.45.57

Easter in Sweden is all about the candy, eggs, and witches. Instead of Easter baskets, candy is kept in large paper Easter eggs:

2013-03-30 11.21.11

The three main decorations of Easter are these oversized decorated Easter eggs, colorful feathers, and witches on broomsticks.

2013-03-24 17.46.1012-015

Wondering why Easter in Sweden has so many witches? Easter was believed to be the day when the witches would fly to the blue mountain and dance with the devil. It was common to  close the windows and light fires so the witches wouldn’t land on near your house. Nowadays, Swedish Easter witches are kids walking from house to house dressed in scarfs and rags with a copper teapot collecting treats from neighbors in exchange for drawings.

This year I even found devil chickens to accompany my Easter witch:


2013-03-24 21.51.08

2013-03-30 11.24.05

Freaky. Thankfully the cute type are still around:

2013-03-31 16.35.59

And then we have the edible type that my husband expertly crafted:

2013-03-29 16.28.51

Behind the scenes, making of:


As with every Swedish Holiday, the smörgåsbord is beautiful and delicious:

2013-03-29 17.16.29

With a little extra eggs (Hard and soft boiled)  on the table, Påskmust (Easter soda) and schnaps. it is an Easter meal.

2013-03-29 17.22.54

We rounded the night off with some monopoly…guess who won!?


Hope everyone had a great holiday!!

Read about last years Easter Here!

18 thoughts on “Glad Påsk! Happy Easter!

  1. Hi Meg, this is fantastic….I am still trying to get used to the Swedish culture. It involves alot of food eating. I think the celebrations are extreme, if there is a chance. Clearly everyone loves it! I am trying to say no to most of the food eating occassions and ‘fikas’. Been here for nearly two years and I have gained 3kgs weight! It’s lovely though being here and being so different! Your posts keep me entertained and informed……

  2. Easter Soda sounds stranger to me than Easter Witches! That and softboiled eggs. Yuck.

    Very cool though, I love your blog 😀

  3. Wow, you guys really get into it. We mainly took long walks along Prins Bertils Stig! And Påsk Must by any other name would be Jul Must, I think. Great post.

  4. Your dinner table looks great and those chick eggs are amazing!

  5. Ugh I really missed Swedish Easter this year, and now even more reading your blog and seeing all the amazing pictures! 🙂

  6. You must tell Esby that I am VERY IMPRESSED with his Easter chicks made out of hard boiled eggs. Very cool! No marshmallow Peeps? It looks like that is the only thing missing. Glad you had such a nice holiday.

  7. I love the odd blend of Easter and Halloween. 😀

    The eggs your husband made are super cute!

  8. I’ve been married to a Swede for nearly 18 years now (he was the exchange student in my high school and we got married my senior year! yikes, right?). After all that time, I still can’t acquire the taste for the must.

  9. BTW, if you haven’t joined–think about it!

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