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Swedish Easter


A light dusting of Easter snow.

Daffodils are a very festive part of Easter- here they are named Easter lillies. Tulips also make an appearance.

Paper Easter eggs are everywhere, they are used as gifts, decoration, and just a place to hold Easter candy. It is common to save them from year to year to display. This is a common size, although they come smaller and larger- more ornate and fancy as well as less dressed up and plain.

The biggest Easter egg I’ve ever seen!

My favorite Easter decoration are the plumes of colorful feathers found everywhere. Attached to birch twigs, these beautiful rainbow of colors are the centerpieces on tables, in store window displays, casually adorning windowsills, and some times even found in the branches of trees outside, near houses or on the side of a road. I think they are the perfect Easter decoration, bright and playful but elegant and beautiful- a nice contrast to dyed eggs.

Easter cola – Paskmust. (It’s the same as Julmust, Chrstmas cola, but with a different festive label) Unique taste, very popular to have during the holidays.

On Friday we had a feast of traditional Swedish food: herring, ham, meatballs, sausage, potato and meat casserole, and most importantly for Easter- lots of eggs. Both hard and soft boiled.

The next day we enjoyed a fish soup and this wonderful lamb with orange marmalade sauce.

Great food and even better company! Easter in Sweden is something special. So much more enjoyable once you begin to understand the traditions and culture. I didn’t see any kids dressed as witches, but the topic did come up at the diner table!


7 thoughts on “Swedish Easter

  1. What a lovely treatise on your journey into a new culture! Colorful, informative, charming . . . enjoyed this Easter tail (sic) immensely; thank you.

  2. i love the feathers on the branches too! 🙂

  3. Very nice easter photos, and a lunch almost as in Denmark. 🙂

  4. The feathers are so cool- very subtle yet pretty! Really cool traditions- and the food looks amazing! Glad you had a good time!

  5. Hej and thanks for the comment on my cooking post. I wish I’d seen your Easter post before the holiday. I kept asking my hubby about Easter traditions here, but he has no clue. But by next year, I should be prepared.

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  7. where can u buy those large paper eggs in the USA? found a few but they were VERY expensive! 30 bucks!

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