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Smörgåstårta: “Sandwich Cake”


As promised in the end of this post, it’s finally Smörgåstårta time! Last weekend was the first time I had this very special Swedish treat while celebrating my husbands nephews birthday. As you can tell by the name this is no typical cake – or sandwich. It’s something in between. In the shape of a cake and eaten on special occasions as a meal, Smörgåstårta is something Swedes look forward to. I’ve always been so curious about this sandwich cake and was so excited to have a slice – although I did it all wrong.

My slice was seriously lacking. What I didn’t know is that piling on extra shrimp (A plate full) is customary and expected (in this family at least!), almost like a race to see who can get the most from the neighboring parts of the cake! I took some shrimp from my husband because after looking around my plate looked rather naked!

When I first came to Sweden the thought of  grossed me out because I kept comparing it to cake, which you have to get out of your head. Smörgåstårta is served cold and has everything a sandwich could, plus more. The only “cake” aspect is the size, shape, and the layering of creamy food and bread. But instead of things like custard, pudding, or jam it is mayonnaise and sour cream or Creme fraiche, lots of bread instead of cake, and most commonly lots of shrimp, eggs, cheese, ham, cucumbers, salmon, and tomatoes. As you could imagine it is very rich and filling, and not too healthy with all that mayo! The cake we had also had fruit cocktail in the mix, I really liked the contrast.

Each smörgåstårta is unique and different because the possibilities are endless of what you can put inside or on top as decoration. Feast your eyes on this Pintrest board I started especially for different Smörgåstårtan to share with you all! They can be decorated so elaborate and beautifully you have to take a look!

If you are in Sweden then I think Smörgåstårta is a specialty that must be sampled! Especially if there is any type of celebration or party!

Oh, and don’t worry- we also had a very delicious and perfectly sweet dessert cake afterwards!


11 thoughts on “Smörgåstårta: “Sandwich Cake”

  1. Oh my goodness, a Pinterest page for it! Haha, that’s great! Sounds delicious, and looks very, very Swedish, that’s for sure!

  2. That is great you liked it, I am am not such a fan and when we are going places where I know it will be served I always eat at home first! For me the texture is so mushy but I do like all the shrimp and salmon on top!

  3. That looks delicious! Yum!

  4. Will the ‘surprise’ dishes never end???

  5. I would love this! Sandwiches are my favourite food!!

  6. Mmm, I love smörgåstårta! Your pictures make me hungry! I hope I will be invited to a birthdayparty with smörgåstårta soon!

  7. Estonians make these too! They’re called “võileivatort”, which also translates to “sandwich cake”. I’ve never seen one with so many shrimp on it. So beautifully decorated!

  8. I always have to have Smörgåstårta when we go to Sweden, Like you I kept comparing it to cake and it wasn’t working right in my head but once I got over that it was all good. It has to be one of the most surprising and nicest sandwiches you can eat.

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  10. Oh, thank you for your blog. My husband and I just returned from Sweden where we visited my second cousins in several towns. In Smalandsstenar, a celebration party was held for us and, yes, smorgastarte was served. (Also, oostkaka – phonetic spelling! was served for dessert, served with raspberries and whipped cream. That, too, was delicious. I had not seen or eaten smorgastarte it before this. I did not write down the name and had to go searching for the name when I found your blog. Thank you, thank you.

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