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New York City

Being back in Sweden reflecting over our vacation to New York City, I realize how odd it feels to call two places “home.” To call your parents house “home” because you grew up there is hard to compare to relating to two entirely different countries both as “home.”  To feel like you belong – to be comfortable, connected, and relaxed – to fit in –  to be able to make friends – to know people, the area, and things to do –  to be able to be yourself. To be coming and going all in the same visit.

Home is where the heart is, and you leave a piece of your heart in every place you’ve been and with every person you’ve met along the way.

This was my first time actually visiting New York City, spending time with friends and family, seeing the sites, making memories, shopping, eating American food, trying to do as much as possible in three weeks.

Reuniting with so many people was much needed, even if we sadly didn’t get to see everyone. BBQ’s, road trips, picnics, dinners, shopping, laughing, talking, or just sitting around doing nothing. Catching up and telling stories. Celebrating birthdays. Jumping in the ocean. Riding on a Ferris wheel. Going to the mall. Aimlessly walking around Manhattan. Watching fireworks. Going to museums. Just spending time doing anything with people we love and miss.

I tackled my Things I Want to Do Eat List. Continue reading



Tickets to New York

Last week we booked our flight for New York- three week vacation with family and friends back home. Seems pretty far away, leaving June 26th, but it is really just around the corner. I’m so excited to see everyone and catch up. In the mean time I’ve made a list of some things I’ve missed and been craving…

To Do Eat List:


Fluffy DinerPancakes with syrup and butter
Diner waffles with strawberries and whipped cream
Cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and jelly
Toasted plain bagel with Cream cheese, bacon, tomato
Deli breakfast sandwich: Egg, ham, cheese, mayo


Pizza from my two favorite pizzerias (Top Topping choices: Mushroom, Eggplant, Chicken broccoli, and garlic spinach ricotta)
Diner: Cheese Burger

Deli sandwich:
Ham, lettuce, tomato, mayo on a roll

Home cooked specialties: Chicky-ham sandwich.


Eggplant Parm Hero

Home cooked specialties:
Chicken supreme, chicken pasta, BBQ


Hershey pie
Any Entenmann’s cake



…and so much more.

I guess foods remind you of home the most when you can’t easily have it where you are. This isn’t the healthiest list…but most cravings aren’t so good for you! Looking forward to  having a taste of home for a month. I don’t intend to stuff my face with only these things the whole time, but as long as I can have each thing just once…

The biggest difference is that there aren’t really any diners or delis in Sweden. At least not the same kind, which is only natural. The Breakfast and Lunch culture is very different here than in New York.

And I know that once I get there I will crave food from Sweden. Food habits and cravings change after awhile. I eat more fruit now, I drink more water, I cook almost all the time, I eat salmon now (along with plenty of “new” foods), more pastries, less cookies, much less fast food, etc.

For now I’ll start organizing who to see, when, and what we will be doing in New York City. Home Sweet Home- The time will fly! I’m sure our stay will be busy and hectic and lots of fun. So many people to see and spend time with. Excited to go home and reconnect. And Eat.


Almost: “nästan”

I almost made a new friend today. Almost. At least I tried to.

Every so often I’ll hear some English spoken in a store or on the street, it’s not incredibly common but I wouldn’t call it rare. I went back to one of the bokrean in town to buy a dictionary since they are normally so pricey and I only have a pocket sized which is no longer cutting it. I was comparing prices and browsing when I heard someone ask the cashier for a Swedish – English Dictionary. I’m not normally the type to approach people or start random conversations with strangers but she was right next to me so I figured why not? I asked if she just moved to Sweden and the conversation went from there. She explained that she is an exchange student from China. We talked about the dictionaries and prices of books, she asked where I was from and why I was here. I asked if she had begun SFI, which it turns out she isn’t able to take because of student status. And just as I thought it would be neat to meet someone in town on my own who had just moved here and is also learning the language she looked at her watch said she had to go and disappeared. Oh well.

As far as my own SFI courses? Still waiting. They said “End of February or beginning of March” and that I would recieve a letter in the mail ahead of time. No letter yet. Called to make sure I hadn’t missed something and the director of SFI for Halmstad is on vacation until Monday. I just hope I am not missing classes and that I got into the next one so I don’t need to wait another 6 weeks.

In the meantime I finished my first book in Swedish. One of the children’s book I bought that the bokrea a few days ago.  “Sus och Dus gor en utflykt” is about two mice that go on a journey to collect things (I can really feel my literature background tingling!) Learning as I went along made it worth while, and who doesn’t love looking at cute illustrations of animals? Now if only life had drawings to help me understand! I made a list of words I had to look up along the way (80 words) and today I am studying that vocabulary and asking hubby to listen to me translate the whole book and see how I do. Later in the week maybe I’ll try to read it out loud in Swedish. That feels a lot less scary that actually speaking. I’m proud of my baby steps in progress- reading at a 4 year old level is better than none at all!

Favorite word in the book: Rollercoaster – “berg-och dalbana” Exact translation: “mountains and valleys”

I received my Swedish ID last week! The photo came out great- unlike ANY of my previous ID’s. I couldn’t stop looking at it, wishing I always looked that way! My best friend works in a store that deals with a lot of tourists and she said that Europeans all have beautiful ID photos, how strange.