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2014 Resolution Evolution – My New Years Monthly Challenge



Gott Nytt År! We decided to end 2013 by celebrating with a candlelit homemade meal, wine, a movie, chocolate cake, champagne, and then watching fireworks over the river.


How will we start 2014? With a New Years Resolution, of course.

Last year a few of us decided to have a one word New Years resolution – mine was “success.” Did I fulfill my goal? In many ways, I suppose I did. Did I think about it and strive after it the whole year? Unfortunately not.

This year there will be no typical throw away resolution easily forgotten after a few weeks. This is a year-long project designed to take it one month at a time: 28-31 days dedicated to something different.

Goal: For me to find new ways to enjoy and improve my life through these monthly challenges and to hopefully incorporate some of them into my life.

Why: I want to experience new things, find new hobbies, change my habits, broaden my horizons, try new foods, do  things I’ve been meaning to, reach more goals, make a difference and see a difference in myself.

2014 New Years Resolution:

Improve/change/develop in 12 different ways

JANUARY: Be a vegetarian



How: Avoid eating meat, eat protein substitutes and take vitamins.

Why: Even though I love meat, and have nothing ethical against eating it – I am curious about how it is to be a vegetarian.

Goal: Eat healthier, be more aware of what I eat, eat less, eat different types of food, form the habit of taking daily vitamins.




How: Exercise everyday – Push myself to start running again, go to the gym, learn yoga, work out at home.

Why: I need better self discipline.

Goal: Get back in shape and back in the habit of working out with a touch of meditation.


MARCH: Be a dancer


How: Take dancing lessons. “Bugg” to be precise – a Swedish style of dancing similar to swing.

Why: I’ve always wanted to take dancing lessons, it seems like a fun way to gain confidence and coordination, and continue working out.

Goal: To finally learn how to dance.


APRIL: Be musical


How: Pick an instrument, take lessons, practice and learn!

Why: I played saxophone in band when I was 15 and have wanted to continue playing ever since.

Goal: Reconnect with an old passion, pick up a new hobby/skill


MAY: Be more fluent



How: Speak only Swedish for a month. No English TV shows/movies/music, conversations, texting, writing or reading.

Why: Because it’s the best way to learn and I use too much English at home.

Goal: Become completely immersed, improve my Swedish skills and lengthen my minds stamina.


JUNE: Be more Swedish


How: Become more Swedish through meeting certain stereotypes and realities of being a Swede. Taking suggestions and listing the ways I have (imo) already transformed.

Why: 2014 is the year I become a Swede with dual citizenship and a Swedish passport – I want to fit the part (at least for this month, to try it out!)


JULY: Be more giving



How: Volunteer, give donations/raise money, participate in fundraisers

Why: I think it’s important

Goal: To help as much as possible


AUGUST: Be a traveler



How: Visit as much of Sweden as possible via day/weekend trips.

Why: I’ve never been much of a traveler and think that being a “get up and go” type would be fun.

Goal: To see more of Sweden, to get a better understanding of Swedish geography.





How: Disconnect to reconnect. No social media, minimize time on computer, gaming and TV, don’t constantly check phone, don’t take pictures of everything.

Why: I hate how much time I spend in front of the PC -doing nothing- and how people, including myself, can’t go 5 minutes without looking at their phone.

Goal: More face to face time with friends, more concentration, be more productive, find other ways of spending time.


OCTOBER: Be more literary

reader1How: Read every single day.

Why: I have always loved to read but haven’t prioritized it lately.

Goal: To read as much as possible and to remember how fun it is to slow down and read as a pass time and get lost in a book.


NOVEMBER:  Become an author


How:  Participate in Nanowrimo – National Novel writing month (Write everyday – goal 50,000 words)

Why: I love writing and have book ideas that are rattling around in my head that I need to focus on getting down on paper.

Goal: Dedicate all the time, focus and creativity needed to finally write a book I’ve always wanted to.


DECEMBER:  To Be Announced


How: This month is dedicated to my readers who I hope will give suggestions and make this month as memorable and worthwhile as the others. There will be a page dedicated to suggestions, ideas, and voting.
Why: tba
Goal: tba

Happy New Year!!! And good luck on any New Years Resolutions you have!

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4 thoughts on “2014 Resolution Evolution – My New Years Monthly Challenge

  1. Some good goals! :D
    Also, I believe I’ll be watching those fireworks over that same river next year! (As in, I’m moving to the same town as you…actually I’m pretty sure my partner keeps telling me you know someone she knows or something like that…anyway). So my main goal for 2014 is just to survive my first year in Sweden, hahaha. So excited but it sounds like a lot of people do it, and it’s funny to realise I’ve been following a blog by someone who’s done the same thing as me and gone to the exact same town! Small world. :P
    Happy New Year! :)

    • So, it’s you! I’ve been hearing the same thing about someone moving here that reads my blog. When are you moving? Feel free to send me a private message on the Something Swedish facebook page. Surviving your first year is always easier when you meet other people that have done it! Happy New Year and good luck :)

  2. Hej!

    These are nice goals, although, they are somewhat hard to quantify: have you thought about how you are going to evaluate whether you have achieved them or not?

    Reading about your life in Sweden, I remember myself in Stockholm in 2012. I was living there for some time, learning Swedish and trying to learn as much about the Scandinavian culture as possible. I would imagine, though, that you will have gotten a way deeper look into the culture part than I ever did by now.

    I have noticed that your resolution for May entails ‘being more fluent’ (in Swedish, I presume), and that you have written about Swedish quite a fair bit on this blog. I would like to suggest you a product that I have and another person have been working on and recently released for Swedish learners – a Swedish Interlinear bilingual book, which is available for purchase at

    We have worked really hard and translated a whole Swedish book to English in the Interlinear format, which is easy for language learners to read and to get practice in. Perhaps you could find that useful in your study of Swedish (and, hey, if you mentioned it on the blog somewhere, that would be awesome too, as I am trying to get spread the news about this to Swedish learners, with the intention of making more similar books).

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