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Friday the 13th & Superstitions: Fredagen den 13:e och vidskepelse

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Did you know that Something Swedish was STARTED on Friday the Thirteenth? Read about some Swedish superstitions in this old post – and don’t forget to scroll down to the comments to see what readers had to contribute! Do you have any to add?

Something Swedish

So, even if it was a coincidence, starting a new blog on Friday the 13th hasn’t gotten past my radar. When the hubby got home from work and we were on our way to the Systembolaget (the government owned [and monopolized] liquor shop in Sweden, the only store allowed to sell any alcoholic beverage with more than 3.5%. Side note: the drinking age is different in Sweden than in NY, 18 to drink in a restaurant and 20 to buy alcohol.), I asked if Swede’s have a different take on Friday the 13th. I thought that the difference would be interesting to write about! But, alas, he reported that it is the same unlucky superstition that us Americans believe in. Shucks! However, I went home and did some digging!

The first thing I found was an article on The Local, which is a very informative and useful website to…

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