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Success: Swedish as a Second Language (SAS)


It’s official! After 22 weeks in Swedish as a Second Language and Civics (Svenska som Andra Språk och Samhällskunskap), I’ve made it! – 18 weeks early and with the highest grade for the course (A)!

In January I wrote a short comparison of SAS and SFI (Here) and six months later here I am telling you about the end!

One thing that I learned is that there are two options for S.A.S: Komvux and Learnia, which are very different. My experience is based off of Kumvux, which I found to be much more rewarding. Learnia goes by much quicker (20 weeks) with less/no assignments, no tests, and hardly any teacher interaction.

S.A.S. typically takes 40 weeks, that’s ten weeks for every course (E, F, G, H which each include two chapters) but anyone can go faster or slower depending on how much work they do. Having class 12 hours a week and studying an additional 15 hours a week let me go through it quickly (hence my infrequent blog updates lately).  There is a test at the end of each chapter, and a bunch of assignments in between ranging from simple questions to book reports and essays.

Even though there are less formal lessons from the teachers when compared to SFI, and more “egen arbete” (Own work) I felt I learned a lot because the teachers instead give more one on one time to review your tests and anything you write, focusing on your specific problems. My work had drastically improved by the time I got to the last course, even being excused from a whole chapter because the teacher thought my level was beyond it at 20 weeks into the program, which gave me more time to focus on my final assignment.

My last few assignments in the course included a seven minute speech and a power point presentation in Swedish on a topic of our own choosing without the use of notes (I spoke about the benefits of running), an in depth short story analysis, a research paper from a limited choice of topics (I wrote nine pages on Norse Mythology/Religion), and a final exam.


From my final research paper: “You have written a work that meets all the requirements on a ground level and a little extra. You have chosen relative facts, detailed facts, done comparisons, checked sources and structured the work in an easy to understand way. The reading was interesting! The language is fantastically good with a rich vocabulary and very good grammatical structure… simply a brilliantly good work that gets the highest grade: A. Good job!”

Now I get to enjoy my vacation, until I start my next step in August: SWEDISH HIGH SCHOOL. (Well, high school level work, anyway)

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24 thoughts on “Success: Swedish as a Second Language (SAS)

  1. Holy crap, Batman! Really well done! Grattis!

  2. Grattis. I’ve lost all my motivation with SAS now! I’m hoping it will come back soon. You must let us know how you are getting on with your jobs too!

  3. CONGRATS!!! You are a star. Mariette

  4. Megan: Good Heavens, you’re good! Congratulations on all your awards and enjoy your trip! Love you, Aunty Ree

  5. Wow congratulations! I’m just about to start SFI… l have a long way to catch up with you!!

    • Thanks and congrats to you too! Starting is half the battle! Don’t worry about “catching up” it’s not a competition (easier said than done when you are studying with people, but it’s true. focus on YOU!) Lycka till!! ( And sorry for the really really late response!)

  6. Let me be one of the first (at least of your readers) to congratulate you!! Last time I commented I was a Swedish Expat in California but the situation changed ad I took my Californian wife with me to Sweden. I always tell her to check out your blog cause she’s also going to be starting to learn Swedish now.

    Mina största gratulationer! Grattis!!! Hoppas det känns bra, jag vet att det är svårt ibland men ge inte upp 🙂

    • Thank you!! Wow, how exciting! Välkommen tillbaka till Sverige! It’s wonderful to experience living in both countries together, easier to compare, adjust, and understand each other. I wish her the best of luck! Det känns jättebra!

  7. I am going to start SFI soon maybe in next month.

  8. Hi Meg, congratulations on graduating from SAS! I am actually thinking of doing SAS and was wondering if you had a recommendation for a good school in Stockholm? I did SFI C level before but found it a bit slow and frustrating so I quit and went to paid classes at Folkuniversitetet where I reached B1 level. But the classes cost so much that I am thinking of taking the SFI Nivåtest again and hope that it would put me directly in SAS, which I might have a better experience with. If your school was good and you recommend it I would love to hear. Good luck!

    • Thanks, Nurit! I would highly recommend doing SAS, however have never been to Stockholm so have no idea where would be the best place to go there. Folk university is good to learn from, but gives no recognizable credit which is needed for many jobs, etc. C and D level SFI is slow, but you can usually test out as soon as possible. SAS is very different, but it really all depends on the teachers style. Even if you don’t enjoy it per say, it’s worth doing the work and getting credit for it. I did 90% of my work on my own and still felt I learned a lot from the assignments and just having a schedule of what I should be doing and focusing on. Good luck!!

  9. Reading your post has got me excited about continuing with my SAS! Congratulations – it is always nice to receive great comments from teachers 🙂

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  11. So… did you finish SAS gymnasium nivå? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t found any post about it. I’m curious because I’ve just started it!
    Tack för ditt blogg, det är världigt intressant!

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