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Eurovision 2013 – in SWEDEN (Featuring a song ABOUT Sweden)


Last night Europe was huddled around their television sets watching the finally of The Eurovision Song Contest, crossing their fingers for their own country to win, or at least a neighboring country. It’s usually a love hate relationship; there are die hard fans of the competition and then there are people who think it’s a joke. Either way it is an acquired taste. One of my favorite parts is following Twitter #Eurovision2013 and reading the comments and reactions.


Last year I wrote all about the Eurovision contest, recap  or learn all about it for the first time by clicking this link: Sweden Wins Eurovision AGAIN! A History Starting With ABBA

This year The Eurovision Song Contest was held in Sweden because of Loreen’s powerful hit, “Euphoria.” Hosting Eurovision is a big deal; bringing in thousands of tourists and being able to show off your country to the world.

Instead of telling you about all 26 finalists (or even highlighting them all) I want to show you my favorite part of the show, which was an intermission song called, “Swedish Smörgåsbord” performed by the host, Petra Mede, singing all about every (true) Swedish stereotype and characteristic that exists. It’s hilariously accurate and paints a great picture of Sweden and the Swedes.  (Read the lyrics  HERE) It really is a must watch:

Sweden has been getting a lot of credit for putting together a great show this year, with special attention to this song, calling it a “Show Stopper” and that the host “Steals the Show” with a disappointment that you can’t vote for intermission songs.euro2013twit

Sweden’s entry unfortunately came in 14th place:

However, our neighboring country, DENMARK, won by 50 points!:

So, next year Eurovision will still be right around the corner, in Copenhagen.


13 thoughts on “Eurovision 2013 – in SWEDEN (Featuring a song ABOUT Sweden)

  1. That was my favorite part of the show, too! (besides maybe, when Denmark won 😉 )

  2. Thanks for playing that halftime song. I missed it, though I watched most of the rest. Mostly terrible songs but some lovely women performing and great SFX. I was told Swedes to the lighting and effects at all the finals. Like last year’s as well. I liked the guy inside the glass box.

    • I missed the first hour, which aside from missing some opening act that was supposed to be good – I didn’t mind 🙂 Every year a lot of the Eurovision backup dancers, costume designers, and song writers are Swedish too. The guy in the box was pretty neat. We voted for Denmark, Norway, and Greece 🙂

  3. The Lyrics were written by Matheson Bayley. They are on his website! 🙂

  4. Emmelie De Forest’s performance was truly wonderful

  5. When we saw it I said that when we visit home this summer I just want to show everyone the video rather then answering all of their questions!

  6. I really liked the Denmark song [ Teardrops ] this was like Americas version of IDOL.

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