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Melodifestivalen 2013


It’s that time of year again! Melodifestivalen! Last year I wrote a few posts about this popular Swedish song competition: read it here and here.

This year I skipped the long in depth play by play and am just curious about your votes! The songs range from serious to funny, with lyrics in English or Swedish, Pop, rock, or ballad styles all with great choreography. Tomorrow is the finale which will decide which one of these songs will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in May. Watch these 10 videos (in order of their line up schedule tomorrow) and let me know which one you think will win! (or any commentary about the acts) Lets vote!












6 thoughts on “Melodifestivalen 2013

  1. Could not stomach it this year. Last year was bad enough but this year is Oh My God bad. No Loreen this year or anything close. My vote goes to Sean Banan simply because of the outrageous factor.

  2. Robin Stjernberg FTW!

  3. Ulrik! Yohio is a likely winner according to comments in social media, but I prefer Ulrik.

  4. I vote for Robin!

  5. I liked Ulrik too and was bummed he did not win!

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