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Cooking Swedish: Semlor


Semlor day is here again! Read all about the history, meaning, and traditions of Fettisdag and semlor (And a review of the best semlor in Halmstad) in last years posts: HERE and HERE.

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This year, learn how to make your own beloved Swedish classic! c’mon be a little Swedish! These sweet buns are eaten until Easter, so you have time!



8 thoughts on “Cooking Swedish: Semlor

  1. Looks good I guess I’ll have to try it We call cream puffs

  2. If you don’t have cream up your nose, you’re not eating it right.

  3. Looks delish! I wonder if we Americans could use Marzipan for the almond paste . . . is it the same thing? What do you think?

  4. Marzipan and almond paste are different things. You can buy the Odense brand almond paste here in the US. Here’s my recipe for semlor – though I am totally adding cardamom this year!

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