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Swedish Keyboards, Letters, and Words


For the past year I’ve been stubbornly hanging onto my laptop not wanting to switch to the scary Swedish keyboard.  A lot of the keys are in different places and there’s new letters and symbols that my fingers and eyes are just not used to! Once I get over accidentally typing _ instead of ?, ” instead of @, + instead of -, and åöä instead of whatever keys are normally there  – it’s actually been great!!

2013-01-23 18.00.47

Lets compare Ö (Oh, that’s where the colon button was…let’s try again :


After using my Swedish computer for just a day I can tell that it’s going to improve my Swedish a lot! First of all, programs and websites are in Swedish now including Microsoft Word – which means that my spelling mistakes are getting pointed out instead of me making the same mistakes time and time again.

Until now whenever I typed Swedish I would simply leave out the öäå because they were too hard to copy and paste into my sentences. For a long time I didn’t realize it made such a big different and thought Well, they are just ‘a’ and ‘o’ with accents, people will understand what I mean.”

My husband tirelessly corrects me and reminds me that they are actually letters and not ‘ ‘A’ with two dots,‘ ‘ ‘O’ with two dots,‘ and ‘A’ with the bubble.

Now that I have this new keyboard and can start saying what I actually mean to say in Swedish it makes a huge difference.

Skipping the Swedish letters? This is what you can be saying (more or less):

Jag väntar i kön = I’m waiting in the queue
Jag vantar i kon = I gloves in the cow

Jag gillar räka = I like shrimp
Jag gillar raka = I like straight

Ska vi käka? = Shall we eat?
Ska vi kaka? = Shall we cookie?

Min får är mjuk = My sheep is fluffy
Min far ar mjuk = My father is fluffy

Hon behöver båda = She needs both
Hon behover bada = She needs to bathe

Receptet kräver kräm = The recipe requires cream
Receptet kraver kram = The recipe requires hug

Vill du höra nyheten? = Do you want to hear the news?
Vill du hora nyheten? = Do you want to whore the news?

med hela min själ = with my whole soul
med hela min sjal = with my whole scarf

Var testet svårt? = Was the test difficult?
Var testet svart? = Was the test black?

Jag tar ett tåg =I’m taking a train
Jag tar ett tag = I’m taking a while

Köpt du en båt!? = You bought a boat!?
Köpt du en bat!? = You bought a bat!?

Can anyone help me out and think of some more funny or awkward sentences when you skip the accents?


10 thoughts on “Swedish Keyboards, Letters, and Words

  1. Haha, good luck on your new adventure!

    The last one is wrong, bat=slagträ/fladdermus

  2. That looks so cool! With a Swedish girlfriend (who I am going to move to Sweden for soon), I really need to buy one of these for myself! 🙂

  3. Way to go on the switch, we have a Swedish keyboard to go with our laptop from America but my husband hates using it and will just copy and paste which drives me crazy since we paid for it!

  4. Like the accents in French I guess!

    It took me a while to trade my French azerty keyboard for the North American qwerty, so I can relate. I can’t type on azerty anymore now though! And I use the Canadian multilingual keyboard for easy to é, à, è, ç, etc.

  5. EVERY recipe requires hug!

  6. Haha why would anyone buy a boat when they could buy a bat?! Good luck!

  7. There’s also “Jag snörar på mina skor” I’m tieing my shoelaces/”Jag snorar på mina skor” I’m dripping snot on my shoes.

  8. Han hade djupa fåror i ansiktet = He had deep furrows on his face. Han hade djupa faror i ansiktet = He had deep dangers in his face 😛

    Hmm.. it’s hard to think of funny sentences..

    Trevligt att råkas! = Nice to meet you. Trevligt att rakas = Nice to be shaved ^^

    Great post!

  9. These are hilarious! And to think, your early posts were about missteps in pronouncing words — and now they are about writing words. Great progress when you think about it. Keep up the good work!

  10. Haha, those were funny! I have a US laptop but I can just hit Alt Shift and it means some of my keys do the Swedish letters. Not too much trouble. The spellcheck is a good idea except I rarely write in Swedish anyway.

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