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Trip to the Tivoli Christmas Market


Tivoli is always a beautiful place, especially at night, but with all the extra Christmas decorations and lights, with dozens of fun stores filled with presents and ornaments, it was extra special!  ~ Enjoy!

2012-12-15 16.09.31

P1030396P1030387   P1030367  2012-12-15 21.23.41 2012-12-15 21.24.032012-12-16 15.50.28 2012-12-15 17.21.50 2012-12-15 17.25.02 2012-12-15 17.20.482012-12-15 16.51.07P10304402012-12-15 16.17.02  2012-12-15 21.14.44 P1030410 P1030405 P1030404 P1030382 P1030378 P1030376 P1030373   P1030416 2012-12-16 16.29.27 P1030366 P1030370 2012-12-15 16.07.53 2012-12-15 16.13.07 2012-12-15 16.10.54

Hope all those photos put you in the Christmas spirit! This week I sent out all of my U.S bound Christmas cards and exchanged my first presents! It really is around the corner!

6 thoughts on “Trip to the Tivoli Christmas Market

  1. Pity those living in the Southern Hemisphere. Great pictures.

  2. All your photos really convey a festive atmosphere. I like how you got in close on many of the items (nutcrackers & christmas balls). Beautiful., Jean-Bernard.

  3. Meg: What gorgeous pictures! You must have walked your legs off to get them; I loved the photos . . . have a wonderful, blessed Christmas in your beautiful new country. Love you, Aunty Ree

  4. That is beautiful. This year we went to the Christmas markets in Germany–to Lubeck and Rostock. They are also quite nice and a little different than the Swedish/Danish ones.

  5. Looks like you live in a winter wonderland that knows how and what the meaning of Christmas really is . Have a wondeful safe blessed Christmas

  6. Looks like scenes from a Christmas card! How perfect — thanks for sharing some holiday spirit. Have a wonderful Christmas, Meg.

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