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Exploring Sweden: Café Killeröd, Båstad


Last weekend we had a little “utflykt” (outing) to a town called Båstad, which is a bit south of Halmstad. Our friends wanted to show us a cafe they were told about during the summer called Café Killeröd. We arrived around 4pm on a cloudy day, so we couldn’t fully enjoy what looked like would normally be a beautiful view. The cafe is up high so you can look down onto and past Båstad, over the ocean and see the nearest tip of Denmark.

We only drove through Båstad, but it seemed like a small (5,000 population) cozy harbor town. It was originally named a city while under Danish rule and was named “Botstœdœ” (boat landing place).

We shared the two specials: Äpplemarängtårtbit med vaniljsås (apple meringue pie with vanilla sauce) and tryffeltårtbit (truffle cake), both were delish!!

The tryffeltårtbit is actually named “Carl-Johan Bernadotte Tryffeltårtbit” because it was created as an 80th birthday cake for a prince of Sweden, Count Carl Johan Bernadotte of Wisborg.


Boat: båt

Harbor: hamn

Apple: äpple

Chocolate: choklad

Tasty: smaklig

Cozy: mysig


2 thoughts on “Exploring Sweden: Café Killeröd, Båstad


  2. Oh, that looks so cozy! And scrumptious! I am sure you will go there again. 🙂

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