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Gustavus Adolphus


…more commonly known as King Gustav II Adolf here in Sweden, is remembered today. Becoming king at the age of 17, from 1611- 1632, today we observe the date of his death. We eat special pastries in his honor:

I asked if all former kings are celebrated, which they are not. So, it was time for some research to find out why a delicious pear and chocolate treat is eaten today.

Titled as Gustav Adolph the Great, he is considered one of the greatest military commanders of all time. The Swedish Empire was built with his help, especially through the battles during the Thirty Year War. If he were not killed in battle at the age of 38, he would have been a major European leader. It was because of his innovative tactics and military advances that Sweden was able to dominate for the next 100 years. There are statues of Gustav Adolf in Stockholm, Helsingborg and Gothenburg:

He was also considered a progressive leader, especially in Estonia where he opened schools (which are still open today). It was during Gustav Adolfs rein that Sweden ruled over Estonia, a time that is referred to as “The Good Old Swedish Times.” Gustav Adolf Day is a holiday in Sweden, Estonia and Finland, where it is called “Swedishness Day.”


More names for Gustav Adolf:

“Father of Modern Warfare”

“The Golden King”

“The Lion of the North”


King -Kung

Sweden – Sverige

Leader – Ledare

War – Krig

Pastry – Bakelse


4 thoughts on “Gustavus Adolphus

  1. Aha! So this is why the flags were raised yesterday! I knew it had to be something, but didn’t find any information…until now. Thanks!

  2. Had no idea, Meg. Thanks. Interesting info.
    I can tell you one king who will never be celebrated: the current one. In fact, students in my English class think the days of the Monarchy are numbered here in Sweden. There is a Republican Club with over 10,000 dues paying members working to get rid of the Monarchy. Apparently they are up to about 40% support.

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