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Toxic Smoke and Featured Blog Interview


Four times a year we hear loud alarms signaling a routine test of the VMA system, which would notify us of any emergencies when we should stay inside, close all doors and windows, and listen to the radio for updates. This morning we heard the alarms for real.

Late last night there was a loud noise outside and thought nothing of it. Apparently it was an explosion from a chemical factory nearby (a few miles away). The residences closest to the factory were evacuated. This morning the alarms signaled because the thick toxic smoke from the fire started blowing inward towards the center of city. The police in town were wearing gas masks and shops were closed. The fire was raging and uncontrollable throughout the night and most of the day. Finally it is under control and the chemical levels are no longer harmful. What a day.

In other, more positive news:

I was recently invited to the InterNations website as a Top Recommended blog for Sweden! They are a website filled with tons of information like guides, tips, events, blogs, and forum communities for expats around the world.

Read my interview about moving to Sweden here!


3 thoughts on “Toxic Smoke and Featured Blog Interview

  1. congrats on being a top expat blog with inter nations!

  2. Congrats, that’s great news!

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