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Pastries, Parties, and SFI Kurs Test


Today my SFI class had a party for those of us moving on to the next course (D kurs). This type of party is an Avskedsfest – “Departure party”. In the Swedish spirit of things (Read here), the four of us that are leaving brought cakes, cookies, chocolates, soda, etc., for everyone to enjoy. We listened to music and spoke to each other about our lives and played a game in Swedish.

I decided to bake some sweets for the class, as I had a recipe (here) that I wanted to try but didn’t want to eat so many pastries at home by myself! They are a spin off of cannolis, a popular Italian pastry, which I was shocked to find that no one has ever eaten or heard of. I already knew that they are not known in Sweden, as I introduced my husband to his first cannoli, but with a classroom filled with people from around the world I thought someone would know.

It really put the American melting pot into perspective, I appreciate that I have eaten so many food from different cultures.

The test to go to the next level course is available every 5 weeks, which means having an Avskedsfest again soon, hopefully! Something to look forward to!

A little about the C level course test:

There are 5 parts you get graded on (split into two days):

(VG) Reading comprehension
(VG) Listening
(G) Speaking
(G) Writing
(G) Word comprehension

Grades in Sweden range from Underkänd “U” (Fail), Godkänd “G” (Passing), and Väl Godkänd “VG” (Passed with Distinction)

Above are the grades I received for each section. The teacher said my writing could be “VG” if I stopped forgetting the accents over å, ö, and ä.

Reading: (40 mins each) Two very straight forward, multiple choice tests based on text. There are different types of texts, such as newspaper articles, time schedules, menus, advertisements, letters, and stories.

Listening: (40 mins) You will be able to read all the questions and multiple choice answers before listening to the recording, which  you will hear two times. Pay attention to details as most of the answer choices are mentioned but not exactly related to the questions being asked. This part is a bit difficult as they speak quicker than our teachers prepare us for, I suggest listening to the radio or tv to prepare.

Speaking: (20 mins) Pretty laid back and informal group conversation about a given generic topic, for example: is better to live in a city or in the countryside? Our teachers helped move the conversation along if we got stuck.

Writing: (60 mins) Write a page about one of four topics. Make sure to follow the instructions and stay on topic. For example, if you need to write a letter make sure to structure it properly. C level test had simple topics like driving, childcare, job interviews, or computers. D level  moves onto things like town hero’s and politics.

Word Comprehension: Based off of your writing and speaking tests and a few vocabulary questions in the reading test.

Hopefully that will help anyone who is testing soon! Lycka Till! (Good Luck!)

13 thoughts on “Pastries, Parties, and SFI Kurs Test

  1. Wow, VG on listening! Grattis!!! Jätte bra! Hoppas du ska komma till utställning över helgen.

  2. Oh,no! Now you have discovered my weak spot and any hope of watching my sugar/fat intake has disappeared forever! Lordy, Meg, what are you doing to your old Auntie?? Oh, yes, and congratulations on your scoring and good luck with advancing to the next level of Swedish Studies!! Love ya’

  3. Congratulations! (I know exactly how tough it was)
    The cakes look delicious…

  4. Ciao! I just nominated you to one-lovely-blog-award, check it out here
    Take care and blog on it’s lots of fun to read about your Swedish life 🙂

  5. Well done! I´ve ended up here by chance and i must say it´s a pretty cool blog. I have just passed C test as well, funny coincidence 😀
    Lycka till med D kurs, jag kommer at läsa ofta din blogg!

  6. Congratulations! I do wish I had a chance to take a German class before I started back at work again. I will have to wait until the timing works with work and home, possibly very soon. Thanks for an inspirational and yummy looking blog! Vielen Glück!

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