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New York City


Being back in Sweden reflecting over our vacation to New York City, I realize how odd it feels to call two places “home.” To call your parents house “home” because you grew up there is hard to compare to relating to two entirely different countries both as “home.”  To feel like you belong – to be comfortable, connected, and relaxed – to fit in –  to be able to make friends – to know people, the area, and things to do –  to be able to be yourself. To be coming and going all in the same visit.

Home is where the heart is, and you leave a piece of your heart in every place you’ve been and with every person you’ve met along the way.

This was my first time actually visiting New York City, spending time with friends and family, seeing the sites, making memories, shopping, eating American food, trying to do as much as possible in three weeks.

Reuniting with so many people was much needed, even if we sadly didn’t get to see everyone. BBQ’s, road trips, picnics, dinners, shopping, laughing, talking, or just sitting around doing nothing. Catching up and telling stories. Celebrating birthdays. Jumping in the ocean. Riding on a Ferris wheel. Going to the mall. Aimlessly walking around Manhattan. Watching fireworks. Going to museums. Just spending time doing anything with people we love and miss.

I tackled my Things I Want to Do Eat List.

Turns out some foods don’t photograph well, and I don’t always have the urge to photograph everything I eat. I was excited to have the breakfast culture back for a few weeks, and be reunited with some of the food I missed so much, and some surprises – but it also made me appreciate Swedish food. My husband tried a classic root-beer float for the first time and said it tastes like medicine. I was reminded that nothing is more refreshing on a hot NYC Summer day than a huge glass of sangria. Some foods will always remind you of home, or transport you to a specific time or place.

Some Things We Did (When we weren’t shopping):

Had a backyard BBQ with the best of friends, great food, delicious sangria, and smoldering heat

Spent four days in Rhode Island, toured two of its famous mansions and walked along the beautiful cliffwalk and sea ports

Photo by hubby: Tumblr

Photo by hubby: Tumblr

Photo by hubby: Tumblr

Photo by hubby: Tumblr

Celebrated fourth of July with fireworks and a 21 cannon salute (Cannons forged in 1797 by Paul Revere)

Photo by hubby: Tumblr

Photo by hubby: Tumblr

Took our first ferry ride together to Long Island for four days, where we went to vineyards for tastings and learned about the wine making process

Photo by hubby: Tumblr

Photo by hubby: Tumblr

Had a central park picnic with great friends, where we shared Swedish Losgoodis and the classic Swedish game ‘Kubb’.

Photo by hubby: Tumblr

Photo by hubby: Tumblr

Went to an Italian Feast

Photo by hubby: Tumblr

Experienced the interactive and immersing “Sleep No More” off Broadway

Photo by hubby: Tumblr

Saw the classic raw cabaret style of “Chicago” on Broadway

Celebrated our One Year anniversary

Had a terrible (but safe) flight home

Now that our trip is at an end we are adjusting back to our Swedish lives, with Swedish weather, Swedish friends, and Swedish food. See you soon, NYC!

12 thoughts on “New York City

  1. And thanks for bringing some of that warm U.S. weather back with you. It has been a cool and unsteady July so far, but really nice the last few days.

  2. Glad to see you back, Meg! I missed your blog and loved this report on your NYC trip; gosh, am I really a resident of NY? It looks so much more enticing with your lovely photos enhancing it so!! And thanks to Esby, also, for his share of picture-taking. Love you!

  3. HAHAAA love it, Meg! Especially that Viking game 🙂

  4. It looks like you were planning to drink all three of those sangrias. Not that I would blame you 🙂
    Your pictures are making me kick myself that I haven’t visited NYC in years even though it’s just a train ride away! Thanks as always for some travel inspiration!

    • Maybe I DID drink all three of those sangrias… 🙂 Anything within a train rides visit is always worth the travel, it’s like free vacation! Glad I sparked that interest! Where are you from btw?

      • I grew up in Oklahoma, but live in DC now. I adore the East Coast! I’ve been here a few years but I haven’t gotten over the feeling of being really lucky to have moved out here.

  5. Looks like you had a great trip “home”! I must say… I am really jealous. Missing the States and all it offers during the summer… like warm, sunny weather. 😉 Anyway, the first trip home is really weird, isn’t it? Come to think of it, it’s actually it’s been weird every time I’ve been home. And it always feels good to be back in Sweden. Of course, it’s not long till I’m longing to be back in the States again. Hehe. Oh, the joys of having 2 home countries. 🙂

    Anyway, Välkommen tillbaka!! Kram!

    • Liz – it was SO WEIRD! Everything felt different and strange….like “I LIVED here and never noticed A,B, and C?” Refreshing but almost foreign. Made adjusting more confusing, but it is part of having two homes I suppose!


  6. I appreciate your definition of a “home”- sometimes, I think the best way to understand this is to leave your original, and attempt to create another- as you’ve done!

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