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Organic Deli


Discovering new restaurants or cafes is probably one of my favorite things about moving to (or visiting) a new place – be it a new country or a city, or even just the next neighborhood from where you always lived.

Finally following up on a fellow bloggers high recommendations of a local eatery, hubby and I went to Spis & Deli yesterday. It’s such a shame that this place is not on a main road, or else we would have remembered to go sooner. Now that we have finally eaten there though, I see what Dankoon was talking about and why he insisted we check it out. We were  impressed by the food and the atmosphere and we plan to go there regularly.

Whenever I think of organic food I think of spending a lot of money, but we were pleasantly surprised to see reasonable prices.

The name Spis & Deli translates to Stove and Deli– serving salads, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, roasted vegetables, stone baked pizza, soups, fish – of course everything is fresh, in season, usually locally grown, and organic. Even their juices, teas, and coffee is organic. All dairy is lactose-free. All the bread they serve or sell (loafs) are sour bread dough. The desserts are a limited variety, but looked delicious. Their menu is always changing, which is a nice reminder of fresh food.

“Snabbmat som vill dig väl” Quick food that wants you well (healthy)!

I had the roasted eggplant and my husband tried the wild game burger, both were delicious! His burger came with a small side of roasted carrots and potatoes which were full of flavor. I was jealous!

Real lemon tree

They do more than serve healthy food, but also try to promote a healthy life style. You’ll find health magazines and books displayed around the deli along with a lot of information on their website about balanced diet, the importance of water, and exercise.

I’ve never been one to eat organic food, but I see the benefits and am looking forward to eating here more often. Even if Spis & Deli wasn’t organic and healthy, I would go back just because it’s a comfortable place to sit and eat or relax while enjoying a tea. It is a lot different than most other restaurants and cafes in Halmstad, which is a welcome change.

They also sell a variety of packaged food, such as nuts, seeds, acai juice, protein and vitamin supplements, dark chocolate, and more.

Usually the places off the busy main road are the hidden gems – unique and special. Ask around and see where the locals like to go. Thanks for the recommendation!


3 thoughts on “Organic Deli

  1. Nice! Interesting story with a organic slant; I enjoyed it! Love ya’

  2. I love finding organic (or natural, as they are called here) places in Santiago. And you are right, usually they are pricey. I suppose that’s what you pay for chemical-free food?

    • Anything healthy is always more expensive, which is pretty sad when you are trying to create a healthy lifestyle. The difference is not as drastic here in Sweden, but in New York it was just too expensive to buy a 10 dollar salad if I could get McDonalds for 3 dollars. Talk about never ending cycle.

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