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Another Royal Happening – “Ännu en Kunglig Händelse”


Today the newest member of the Swedish royal family was baptized. I should try to keep up with current events better, or I will miss out on these things!

However, after we watched it I noticed the news was all over the newsstands:

I should pay more attention and be more curious.

The baptism (Dop pa svenska) was broadcasted live from the Roayl chapel in Stockholm at noon today. We watched it in our SFI class so I was not able to get any photos to post. It was a perfect day for the event, not only is Little Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary three months old tomorrow, but the weather was perfect. We were amazed at how calm and collected she was behaving, not a single noise as they sat in the beautiful church and listened to music and speeches. Not even as the holy water washed over her head  or when the King adorned her with the royal sash did she squirm or fidget like most other babies would. It’s as though she already knows she is a princess and must behave in front of the public ever watching eye. The only baby-like thing she did was fall asleep half way through, but even then woke up without any crankiness when it was time for photos.

The long beautiful white dress she wore was the same baptism outfit many other royal members have worn for generations since 1906. Many people attending were princes and princesses of Norway, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands. After the ceremony there was a cannon salute.

The way she was held and presented after the ceremony reminded me of The Lion King. You could hear the women in the class giggling and ‘awwing’ whenever the camera focused on the Princess instead of the church, musicians, priest or guests. Princess Estelle will surely capture the attention of the public as she continues to grow. Every so often a new official photo of her cuteness is released:


3 thoughts on “Another Royal Happening – “Ännu en Kunglig Händelse”

  1. You watched it too? I was sweating like a pig from biking in in this heat and got a bug in my eye, so I was not in the greatest of moods. “These people aren’t even Swedish,” I thought. “They are from the French Bernadotte line.” Anyway, we only had to watch about 10 minutes. The little baby looked awfully sedate (sedated, maybe?) which was maybe from mamma’s rocking. BTW, tonight it the beginning of the EU Melodifestival if you are keeping up with current events!

  2. Hey! I found this awesome site to practice your Swedish with! Here goes:

    (You’re either with us or against us!)

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