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Never Stop Doing What You Love


Four months ago my husband urged me to keep doing what I love. Writing. He knew I was out of my element when I moved to Sweden and out of the groove. He suggested to start a blog. To keep me inspired, to keep my skills sharp, my mind alert, and my passion burning. It’s hard to get back into my old rhythm, but I know that I miss it and I need it.  This is to inspire myself and others – a reminder. Moving abroad turns your life upside down and inside out, it takes time to find yourself again, but never stop trying. Take the time and do it. Take your new life and use it as ammo, fuel, momentum.


Life changes. Things get harder just because they are different. It doesn’t take much.
You’re not where you thought you would be. Time flies. People change.
Make the best of it. Find balance. Never Stop Doing What You Love.
Don’t say you’ll do it later. Or that you have more important things to do now.
Even if life is perfect and all the pieces aligned, don’t neglect your passions.
Sometimes we forget we have them.
Sometimes we adapt new ones and forget the ones we had.
Remember the way they made you feel.
To write. To read. To knit. To play an instrument. To throw a ball. To dance. To sing. To draw.
These things built you. Made you who you are today, wherever that might be now.
Sometimes we feel empty and can’t figure out why.
Life can be great. You love who you are with, where you are, and what you do.
Though something isn’t right.
It’s those passions you forgot about, pushed away and neglected. Priority elsewhere.
Bored, fading, and tired of waiting, they reach out to you and beg. Tugging on your sleeve.
Pick them up. Dust them off. And start again.
Don’t think it. Or say it. Or promise it. Or plan it.
Write. Read. Knit. Play. Dance. Sing. Draw.
Now. You haven’t forgotten how.
Only how they made you feel.
Complete. Calm. Skilled. Proud.

10 thoughts on “Never Stop Doing What You Love

  1. Inspirational! And what a smart man, your hubby!

  2. As always, you are so right hunny! See you soon! ❤

  3. GREAT article. I think these tips work whether you have uprooted your life to the other side of the world or are just feeling a bit lost. Sometimes your passions are the last things you think to keep going when you’re experiencing icky times. But they’re always what get you through. Thanks for the reminder:)

  4. I think your first year abroad is the hardest. And it is important to keep some things around you that make you happy, like writing 🙂 That’s actually why I started my first blog.

    • I’ve been told it gets easier! I’ll believe it when I see it! 🙂 this blog has kept me from losing my sanity over the past few months, time to branch out and expand though!

  5. I can identify. I moved from Canada to the Caribbean late last year, and adjusting has been a little difficult, especially being a teenager and having to leave my friends behind. I started to seriously neglect my writing, until my brother gave me the same advice that your hubby did! Thanks for sharing this post, it’s really encouraging. 🙂

    • Its great when you have someone supportive that is looking out for you when you forget to look out for yourself! I’m glad to have encouraged you- keep writing!

  6. Thanks for deciding to follow me – I truly empathize with this post. Reminiscent of words spoken by Neil Gaimain at a college address.

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