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The Classic Car Parade


When we went out yesterday I was hoping to see protesters and street demonstrations marching with red flags for International Workers Day. [Edit: read more about May Day here]

While on the look out for protesters we were met with something much better prowling the streets of Halmstad. The Classic Car Parade! 

(See the Swedish flag in the background? Those are only up on red days) When we hit the street I saw an old American car in front of me and said “Hunny, look at that car!” He told me to look around, because there were dozens of them! I can be so blind.

It felt like being teleported back in time to the 60’s! It was amazing to see so many showing off. They were all driving nice and slow- perfect for photos!

There is usually no traffic allowed on this street, aside from buses. We assume buses had to change route since we didn’t see any and can’t imagine how they would have managed.

They  certainly caused some traffic but being the thoughtful and respectful Swedes they are, there were people at the intersection to make sure traffic moved smoothly (There are no lights).

Some people in the group that organize the event are really into the 60’s culture and were dressed up for the occasion. (Couldn’t capture it though) Hubby said he recognized a couple of them that  sport the long side burns all year round and it suddenly made sense.

Hubby’s favorite car out of the bunch

Some were in mint condition and others were more rustic.

Love the vibrant colors! Such beauty’s! A unique part of Swedish culture to stumble upon, the love for classic American cars.

[Edited to include a video from the following year]


4 thoughts on “The Classic Car Parade

  1. Incredible. I won’t miss it next year. With gas at 9 bucks a gallon, these folks are really dedicated to their hobby. Further south in Skåne you can see lots of old Cadillacs. I think it is where Caddys go to be reborn. Thanks for these!

  2. The cars look great on the road!

  3. Go to Västerås power big meet 5-6-7 july . The hole city turns back to the 60’s. In Rätttvik in the begining of august its classic car week. The two of them is the biggest avents in classic cars in Sweden :). I love old american cars, :). Have alot of friends how are import cars and clothes from the us to keep there hobbies alive. Sorry for my spelling and grammar, in better to talk english then write it :).

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