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Tack Så Mycket! : “Thank you so much!”


A few weeks ago I entered a give away contest on the LostinStockholm blog, celebrating her 5,000th comment- Grattis! The grand prize was generously donated by a local Swedish shop  Happy Hedgehog, which has a wide selection of unique products from both England and Sweden! With a lovely arrangement of items as incentive the give away was a great success and people had their eyes on the prize! Third place prize was a set of cards donated from FikaTown which has a cute collection – more winners the merrier! The contest was to write something about Hedgehogs and Sweden – it could be a story, a poem, a haiku, anything of any length that has “Swedishness” and “Cuteness.”

Those who do not know me might not know this but I have a thing for Hedgehogs. And Poetry. And free stuff- especially house items and soaps and candles. So naturally my ears perked up and I jotted down a poem immediately! First contestant!

A contest containing cuteness you say?
Celebrating hedgehogs, there’s no better way!
Years ago the difference between porcupine and hedgehog I learned.
Ever since then, for a hedgehog I’ve yearned!
I love how in water they swim or do an upside-down float,
showing off their pink bellies, as if to gloat!
Their curiosity is as high as a cats,
never resisting getting stuck in this or that.
Always wanting one for a pet,
I knew I wanted two instead!
But alas the timing could have been better,
as I was moving away the very next Winter.
And so I had to put off getting this adorable creature,
not knowing that hedgehogs are one of Sweden’s cutest features!
To my gleeful surprise while walking down a cobblestone road,
I spotted a hedgehog trotting along.
I carefully followed with camera in hand,
never seeing one in person, Sweden must be a magical land.
He hid in the grass along the riverbed,
I resisted my urge to pet him and took a photo instead.
Every so often I’d see them out and about,
resisting my urge to giggle and shout.
When my family came to Sweden this Summer,
they spotted a “rodent,” took a photo and murmured.
I confirmed it was not a rat or a mouse,
but a cute little hedgehog you can have in a house!

As the days went by more people participated, so I crossed my fingers and waited. Then there was news: There was a tie between my poem and one other so the polls went to Facebook for a vote which was almost tied for the duration as well.

And so I am a “special Runner up” – I’ll take it!! It was fun to write and enjoyable to read all the other entries about Hedgehogs! I am excited to see what my Special runner up prize will be! I will keep you posted when it arrives!

Huge thank you to LostinStockholm and Happy Hedgehog for hosting this contest! Great things happen when an awesome blog and an amazing store come together- everyone should check them out!!


9 thoughts on “Tack Så Mycket! : “Thank you so much!”

  1. Loved your poem!!! {Swear, not being biased}

    I’ve never seen a real life hedgehog so I hope to one of these days.

    • Thanks Sapphire! I loved writing it! My FB wall is sometimes littered with people sending me hedgehog photos or videos! I was sososo excited to see this critter in person- it was hard work to not scare him off with my gleeful squeals!

      My husband told me a story of his grandfathers dog constantly eating hedgehogs because they kept marching right under the fence into his cage! Stubborn fellows I guess- I like to think they were each on a rescue mission to save the last one! The dog was coughing up quills for days! Sad story but still a classic.

      If I ever get a hedgehog you will just have to come visit to see him/her!! I was tempted to load this post with videos and photos of hedgehogs from youtube and cuteoverload but didn’t want to distract from the message!

  2. Meg: Oh, no, HEDGEHOGS now? Is there no end to your interests? Very entertaining story, ending with a big “Bravo” to you! Love ya

  3. Well done! 🙂

  4. Indeed! well done, it was very close between you and Ken that is for sure!!! We liked both, so that is why it went to an open vote! Could you send me your email address to so that we can get your present in the post to you! many thanks!
    Happy Hedgehog

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