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A Canal Tour and The Round Tower


Legs felt a bit like jelly this morning after yesterdays long walk, so I decided to let a boat do the walking for me today. For 70 Dkk (about $12) I jumped aboard a very flat tour boat and listened to the tour guide for an hour as I snapped away with my camera. While the sky was just as blue and clear as yesterday the temperature was a little cooler and being on the water did not help. It was worth while to hear some facts, history and tidbits about the buildings and areas on the tour. I recommend it!

Being on the water gave for some different, beautiful, and more unique views that I would have never been able to capture otherwise.

The tour began in Gammal Strand (Old Beach)

My favorite place in Copenhagen, Nyhavn (New Harbor) I am a sucker for brightly colored buildings in a row.

The path brought us all the way up to see the Little Mermaid statue, but I plan on walking there tomorrow for close photos.

We passed by the Royal palace, the spherical building in the back is the Marble church. This is where the changing of the Royal Guards takes place (From where yesterdays  accidentally journey of following the guards began – but I never made it to the palace)

Directly opposite this is a straight on view of the new Opera House, it is larger than it seems with most of the building below ground. (side view)

A church with a tower that you can climb to the top of – look at that spiral stair case along the outside of the tower!

“Mind your head” was the catch phrase of the tour, no wonder the boats are so flat!

Next I wandered down to the Round Tower, which is supposed to be the best view in town.

It didn’t disappoint!

I love seeing all the towers peek over the town.

The inside was just as impressive:

Looking forward to tomorrows adventures!


10 thoughts on “A Canal Tour and The Round Tower

  1. Meg, I am SO impressed with the beauty of your travels you have shown us so far! Thank you . . .

  2. Looks like you are having a nice time! When you head out to see the Little Mermaid there is a museum of the Danish Resistance nearby. It was one of Chris’ favs.

    Happy trails 🙂

  3. This is great! Visiting Copenhagen intimidates me a little, so reading about your adventures gets me excited to visit!

    • It intimidated me as well, but it turns out I had a comfort zone within the city which was pretty neat! Just study a map before hand, it really helps with the nerves! Great experience, good luck you will have a great time 😀

  4. Nice to be able to follow your trail around Copenhagen from my conferenceroom, makes me feel like a tourist even if I dont get to see any of the stuff in person =)

  5. Thanks for sharing! How fun to explore Copenhagen? It is definitely on my list. I also love the idea of some solo exploring. I think that would be very relaxing. Great pictures!

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