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Destination Denmark: Day One


Even though we arrived in Copenhagen yesterday, I’m still counting today as day one since the only thing we did was eat a quick dinner. I will however recap my solo train experience, since I was a bit nervous about it.

I managed to get everything done on time, cleaned the apartment, packed my bags, packed a snack, cleared out the fridge and got out the door within five minutes of my target time- go me! Arriving at the train station I found the track number and waited, I was 15 minutes early and confident .Having said that I  STILL somehow almost missed my train. Being used to taking the LIRR trains in NY that are in and out of the station within two minutes I didn’t realize that I was sitting next to my train for ten minutes while passengers were loading. When I looked at the clock and saw that MY train should be arriving in  FOUR minutes I wondered why THIS train was still on the track. Thankfully I put two and two together and found my seat a minute or two before the train left the station.

I’ve always enjoyed taking photos from cars or trains- capturing a moment as it flies by.

Bye Sweden, See you on Friday!!

And so DAY ONE started with a breakfast at a bakery we have been to before, it was 8 am so hubby could make it to his course by 9. Our “deluxe” meal was coffee/tea, a roll (Better selection of rolls than if you choose a regular breakfast) with cheese, butter and marmalade, fresh fruit, and juice. We also split a danish. It was a nice breakfast, but too early to start my day of sight seeing, especially since there was a big gloomy cloud covering the city so I went back to bed.

At 10:30 I started my day, the sun was shining and the weather was nice – perfect day for taking photos and walking. And WALKING I DID. I wish I had a pedometer to see how far I walked, since I felt like my legs, ankles and feet were all falling apart even though I was only out and about for about 4-5 hours. I covered more ground than I had anticipated, which means I will certainly be able to see everything I planned on and the distances aren’t as far as they seemed.

As nervous as I was about traveling and being a tourist alone I quickly realized how not so scary it is. You can stop to take photos of anything, anyone, at any time. You can go at your own pace and follow which ever route calls to you. I was tempted to join a tour guide group but quickly realized that I’d rather be exploring on my own. The drawbacks are that it does get a  little lonely and it is nice to have someone to talk to, and also as much as I love taking photos of places I love being IN the photos even more. No one to take photos with is a pretty big draw back. I did end up taking to one woman along the way who was very helpful and kind. She took a few photos of me in front of a castle I accidentally ended up at (That story coming up).

My plan for Copenhagen was simple, I just wanted to walk around and take photos. There was only about six places I had picked as definite destinations. I looked at the map last night and believe it or not that was the only time. Not once did I have to look, I never got lost, and gave someone else directions! The best thing you can have when traveling is a good sense of direction – it gives you freedom. I did not stick to the main street and was not afraid to walk down side streets, when a building captured my attention I went to it. I ended up being about 15 minutes off course and still knew where I was. I wandered from building to building instead of following the traveled path from street to street. If I didn’t do that I would have missed A LOT. As I was having this very thought I was off track and heading towards a huge statue of a horse that I spotted from a distance. It was about half a block away when all of a sudden I hear an ERUPTION of music coming from where the statue is. I walk faster, not wanting to miss a thing – next thing I know the Royal Guards are parading towards me!!

They marched throughout the streets with trombones, drums, and flutes proudly leading the way. Stopping traffic, most on lookers seemed nonchalant, some smiled and took photos, I saw a small girl whistling along to the tune, a few danced, and then there were a couple aside from me that was walking along side, occasionally running to keep up while recording and taking photos.

Little did I know that the horse statue that caught my eye is dead center in the middle of the Royal palace (which was one of my destinations for another day) and so, while I did not see the changing of the guard (and didn’t know it was happening), I did walk besides them the whole march back to their barracks. I only took a few photos because I video recorded most of it (Have to find a way to post it). And so, by following my curiosity from one beautiful side street to another I ended up across town at another castle (Which was also on the list for another day, but there I was!)

Rosenborg Castle:

So to not overload you with photos, I’ll save some for this weekend and post a few highlights each day!


6 thoughts on “Destination Denmark: Day One

  1. oh I like copenhagen.

    i’m there all the time since i live in malmö and husband works there. Don’t forget to visit Christiania lol.

  2. Wow! Copenhagen looks like an amazing city! I totally get the train thing. When I was studying in Barcelona, we took trains all over Europe and I can’t tell you how many we missed. It does make you appreciate the train systems in the NYC and other metropolitan areas.

  3. Hey — we’ve got some of the same photos! Don’t miss the Marble Church, just behind the palace. We ended up with cool spirit orbs in all our photos from inside. And if you get tired of walking, the canal tour is a nice way to get a broad view of the city. It leaves from Nyhaven street (although it may be out of season right now.)

    What is the weather like?? Have a great time!

    • The weather was perfect! So much better than when we went during the summer and it rained! I went on the canal tour leaving from Gammal strand instead – less walking to get there! No spirit orbs in my church photos though :/

  4. Love your pictures, and stories. I LOVE Denmark! I am really glad you are enjoying yourself. Check out my bucket list pics of what we did- they were the TOP 10… also Eat at GRANOLA! 🙂

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