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A Trip Across the Bridge: “En resa över bron”


This week hubby and I are going to Copenhagen, Denmark. Actually he is already there, my train leaves in about 5 hours. It’s a work trip for him, filled with workshops, lectures and seminars – I’m just kind of tagging along. Even though I’ve taken the train many times into Denmark to get to the airport I am still a little nervous about the two and a half hour trip. I know its not so bad- I have my ticket with car number and seat number as well as what time the train arrives at Copenhagen so it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll miss my stop. I’ve just never done it alone, and suddenly I’m reminded that I’m in a different country. Aside from the actual trip I will be spending most of the time flying solo while he is working 9-4. Thankfully we have been to Copenhagen before and I understand where the hotel is and remember some of the close by area. We went for two days last summer but it was raining the entire time (we went through two umbrellas), so I’m really  looking forward to getting some nice photos this time. Even if I’m a bit nervous about spending so much tourist time alone I know it will help me – at least I won’t feel the need to fit in and understand the language, I can be a real ignorance-is-bliss-tourist for a few days.

My photo obsession last year in Denmark was to get a photo of all the elephant on parade statues that I could find:

Found 16 elephants but only posed with a few. I just read up on the Elephant Parade and found out that there were 100 statues and only in town for two months- I had no idea! I’m glad we got to stumble upon some of them!

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do or see in Copenhagen? I have a small list that I’ll work on along the way. Time to get ready to go go go!

Yogurt Surprise - berries, bananas, and grapes inside - topped with a chocolate heart!


13 thoughts on “A Trip Across the Bridge: “En resa över bron”

  1. Love the elephants! Have a great time!

  2. You could not pick a better time with this weather! Will be interesting to see your
    pictures and hear from you when you come back. Mariette

  3. I would have posed with every single elephant! It looks like you did 😉

  4. Unfortunately I can’t remember the names of specific cafes or restaurants I’ve visited in Copenhagen, but I love perusing housewares stores there (like Illums Bolighus) to check out the gorgeous and expensive merchandise. You could check out Christiania (the neighborhood that’s declared itself an autonomous entity), and I highly advise you buy a pastry from a Danish bakery. They are the best.

  5. Hey, just stumbled across your blog from Kristen’s at GDS and I must say I love the concept! I’ll definitely be checking back again soon so I can live vicariously through you in Europe! 🙂

    Xo, Miranda Leigh

  6. i looooove copenhagen!! post lots of pics! have a great time!

  7. The Walking Street. You must see the walking street. You can people watch there for hours. Also, Tivoli, but you probably already know that. The Little Mermaid is overrated, I hear but I have never seen it. By the way, everybody speaks English there, probably even better than Swedes so you will have no problems. Enjoy your tourist time!

    • I went to Tivoli last summer but it was raining and gloomy and most of the attractions were closed, was looking forward to going and taking photos but they don’t open until April 12th! Oh well

  8. In the city I’m originally from, they have similar statues all over town, except they are geese. The year they put them up, there was a prize for anyone who could find all of them. Some of them are just out on the sidewalks, but others are in weird locations, like inside bank lobbies and such. I wonder how many other cities around the world do this sort of thing. Do you know why they chose elephants? In my city, they chose geese because the city is well known for its year-round population of Canadian geese, but I can’t imagine Copenhagen has a large elephant population.

    • The elephant parade moves around from city to city- its a charity to bring more awareness to Asian elephants by having local artists paint real scale baby elephants. Its been in London, Amsterdam, Singapore and many more, so it was just passing through Denmark when we were here last summer 🙂 The geese thing sounds cool though, scavenger hunt is always fun haha

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