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Delish Fish Quiche


Wanted to show off this new app called pic frame which is really fun to mess around with and easy to use. You can adjust all the sizes, colors, frame width, frame style – great for showing off a collage of 2-4 photos on the blog without taking up too much room!

Made this fish quiche two nights ago- what a fun thing to say “Fish Quiche,” much better than  “Seafood Quiche.” It’s shrimp, salmon, and  crab meat over a pastry covered with cheese and a creamy batter.

Anyway, the quiche came out really delish… “Delish Fish Quiche!?” Try saying that three times fast. Got the recipe from here. Followed it exactly except that I added mushrooms to the mix (I add mushrooms to almost everything and have trouble not messing with recipes apparently!) Made enough for three 2-person servings and my husband is crazy about it even though he is not a huge fan of seafood. I almost skipped the crab meat because I couldn’t find it, it would not have been nearly as good without it though. Thought it would be difficult to make but it wasn’t, will certainly become a staple dish.

Going to start keeping a recipe book- pretty excited about it but I need to find the right type of book or binder (And get neater hand writing). The pic frame app also reminded me that I need to finish my wedding scrapbook. I need to start making time for old hobby’s and interests again like scrap booking and card making, (Although I never cooked before so I do have a new interest as well). Hard to balance everything even though I feel like I’m often not doing anything at all. Guess it’s more of a mental block than a time issue.


5 thoughts on “Delish Fish Quiche

  1. looks delicious (from all angles). Have you seen the web site ? They have beautiful pictures and if you “like” something it is saved in your own personal cookbook. I love to look through their recipes.

  2. bit of a niché dish though

  3. Thanks for posting about this dish! Glad you and your husband liked it! It might add mushrooms myself next time, that is such a good idea!

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