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Sleeps-too-much in Sweden?


I have an unhealthy relationship with our bed. There. I said it.

I literately had to yell at myself to wake up and get my feet on the floor this morning. Which resulted in something similar to the kind of tantrum a toddler throws when they don’t get the toy they want. It’s a daily tug of war between my conscience and my sub-conscience, similar to the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. Both whispering into my ears telling me to follow them, except the destination isn’t into a life of evil or good but into a dream world or the real world. Which without fail results in an in-between tossing and turning  similar to falling and tumbling down the rabbit hole, losing track of time and space while insisting on falling asleep and forceably waking myself up at the same time.

This leads to some very strange dreams. Not exactly lucid in the sense of being so realistic, but realistic in the sense that I am usually half awake trying to wake the other half of me.

If I’m not going back to sleep directly from waking up in the morning, then a few hours later I am undoubtedly going to enjoy a “tupplur” or two, which is “nap” in Swedish. I’ve always believed a good nap can help, but not when they are so long and often.

I know a lot of people have trouble getting out of bed, like to/have to sleep long hours, love to nap, and have way worse sleeping patterns such as – oh I don’t know, insomnia, sleep apnea? It’s all very new to me though so bear with me while I indulge myself in this complaint.

This behavior (habit?) started once I moved to Sweden. Once it started I blamed it on jet-lag and an adjusting period, but it’s been two months. Additionally I’ve been here before, three times for two weeks and last summer for two months, it’s nothing too new. One of my big concerns with moving was that I didn’t want it to feel like a vacation. I told myself I would study and work as soon as possible so that I don’t fall into the habit of being a blissfully lazy tourist. Is that what I’ve become? The cycle needs to break! And it will once I start my classes in a couple of weeks, but for now I would like to try it on my own to prove that I can. (at this point the question is- do I really want to!?)

I’ve always been one to wake up at 7 or 8 am no matter what, even during the weekends and days I should stay in bed due to staying out too late the night before. It only makes sense that I wake up later as I am now going to sleep later than I normally used to, but it’s just not balancing out. I know that waking  up at 10-11 isn’t the worst thing in the world (And I’m sure it sounds great to most people) but its the way I feel when I finally drag myself out of bed. I don’t feel rested, I feel exhausted and sluggish. I assume I feel this way because I slept too long. When do I feel rested? When I wake up to kiss my husband goodbye for work, that’s I should stay awake! Darn you shoulder-sleepy-time-devil! So, I’ve narrowed down a few culprits that have been pitching into this plot to keep me sleepy instead of awake and productive:

  • My iphone. *First thing, a disclaimer if you will, I love my iphone and it was the perfect gift.* Having said that, I hate admitting it but half the pull out of bed is to check if there’s anything new brewing on the interwebs. I like to believe that turning on the computer is the first thing most people do. However, with my iphone next to my bed, I check it all while my eyes are half closed, then roll over and continue to snooze. Ultimately this results in forgetting what I read and failing to reply to emails.

Solution #1: No longer keep the phone near the bed. This is sort of like putting the alarm on the other side of the room so you have to get up in order to shut it up/off. Easy fix!

  • Our bed. We have a bed that JUST fits the two of us, it’s not overly comfortable but its good enough. So…when hubby gets out of bed to go to work I stretch out, roll over a few extra times, hog the blankets and pillows, and have the whoooollleeee bed to myself. I love sleeping next to him, but c’mon we all have to admit its a good feeling.

Solution #2: Get new bed? Not sure. We’ve discussed it and of course we soon will, however…if the comfort level rises and the roominess also rises isn’t the chances of me EVER leaving the bed decreased!? Or maybe it will balance out. We will see.

  • Our apartment. It’s small but cozy. We are comfortable and can easily function the space. I know a lot of people couldn’t and think its crazy, but we kind of like it. The only problem is that the bed stares at me ALL DAY. Mocking me. Beckoning me. Whispering sweet nothings into my ear. Mesmerizing me. Alluring me. Singing to me like a siren does to the soon-to-be ship wrecked sailors.

Solution #3: Move. Well, that seems harsh. And of course eventually it will be the bigger solution. However, I think I will try to fold the bed up into a couch every day as soon as I wake up, it is a futon after all – might as well use it as one. It’s kind of an annoying solution but perhaps it will be worth it.

Once the weather gets nicer I’ll spend more time outside (read: away from bed) and if that doesn’t keep me awake then we have some serious issues. Once school starts I will be forced to get up at a certain time, either to get to call or to get things done before class. It’s all about habit and schedule, things that I thought I would have by now that I will just have to create. I read a blog yesterday that suggested doing the most difficult parts of your day first, and I think its a great idea and will help structure my days a lot more. I’ll start my days off with Swedish instead of halfway through/end of the day/whenever I kinda feel like it, so I begin my routine with already feeling accomplished. Off  to hit the books to give this a try! Hope everyone slept well last night!


11 thoughts on “Sleeps-too-much in Sweden?

  1. My advice is sleep now because when the days are 17 hours long and 20 C., the last thing you will want to do is sleep and miss a second of it. Some people do their sfi in the mornings but I have a hard enough time even in the afternoon when I am firing on all 8 cylinders. Morning classes would kill me. My advice is don’t sweat it. Swedes are supposed to hibernate in winter and stay up all summer.

    • Good point- I am hibernating! That makes me feel better lol The SFI director said that sometimes the classes are only given in the mornings or in the afternoons, so I was just gonna go with whatever was available in March

  2. It’s not just you that would love to sleep all day long, I sleep until 10 on weekends.. but mon-fri I get up at 6 am. It’s because I want to and I do go swimming in the middle of the day leaving office for 2 hours. This is enough motivation for me to drag myself out of my bed, which is huge (could easily fit a polar bear, penguin and a moose together, but for some reason I have it all for myself). I can’t say it’s easy getting up at 6 when it’s dark and everything says I should sleep… but I have another “väckarklocka i koket” so I do have to get up and go to another room to turn it off.

    I really like your blog.. I just wish you could post updates to Twitter when something new appears here so I don’t have to check it every day 😛

    • Exactly, if you have something to motivate you to get up, its so much easier (even if it is actually dark and cold) Have you experimented with a polar bear, penguin and a moose? LOL Thank you, I’m glad you are following along, I will try to remember to update my twitter when I update! That is what it was created for but I thought it might be obnoxious, still trying to figure out twitter lol

  3. I have the same problem! I can’t blame mine on jet lag because I really have never had a problem with being jet lagged. I just fricken love to sleep! It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, I usually end up sleeping until 10:30am these days. It’s horrible!

    The worst part is that the morning hours are the only time conveniently overlap with normal waking hours in America, so it’s the only time I can communicate in real time with people back home, rather than waiting til the next day for replies.

    I really don’t have a good solution for you. I also like to hog the bed and staying in it for a few hours after G leaves for work is reeeeeeeeally nice. And we have a king size bed! It’s not like I -need- to hog it. I just like to lie in the middle or even horizontally sometimes.

    Once I’m up, I don’t feel like I need to get back into it. Do you get dressed right away when you get up or lounge in your pajamas? I find the urge to go back to bed wanes somewhat if I get dressed and do my hair and make up right away. (That said, it’s 3pm now and I’m still in my pajamas- just been too busy to get dressed!)

    I also do the phone thing. When G wakes up and disturbs me, I check my emails and Facebook and all that good stuff. If there is something really urgent that I need to deal with before the end of business hours in America, I get up right away and do it and then go back to bed. For the rest, I just check it, nod to myself, and fall back asleep. I’ve contemplated leaving the phone in the kitchen overnight to avoid doing this, but I always rationalise it by saying to myself, “What if there’s an emergency?”

    I’ve also contemplated having a set routine each day and I’m sure it would help if I did have one. The problem is that I do have to do online stuff first, especially anything important, and then I tend to get sucked into the internet for half the day. Ideally, I would do computer stuff LAST, well after all errands, housework, and other stuff is done.

    G suggested that I start getting up with him and riding my bike into work with him in the mornings. It would be reeeeeeally hard for me to do that because he gets by on 6 hours of sleep just fine, while I really need about 9 hours. He says I’m the grouchiest person he’s ever met when I haven’t had enough sleep. But if I could manage to do that, by the time I cycled home, I’d be too wide awake to sleep and being all sweaty would force me to have my shower and get dressed right away. Not to mention I need the workout. I did cycle in with him once, though, and I made him almost an hour late!

    Man, I would KILL for a Mountain Dew with caffeine in it right about now…

    • I have the same incentive of waking up early, if I get up at 7 or 8 I can catch some people still being awake thee night before since Its only 1 or 2 am there. Seems like an awkward time gap, but it works- when I actually wake up (like today, 8:30!) LOL hogging a king sized bed sounds like a lot of work! I should have addedthat to my list, you are 100% right- O do lounge around in my pajamas. I love my pajamas. When I come home from anything/anywhere I’m right in my lazy comfy PJs. That’s a logical reason of feeling lazy I guess, good call. Yea, I try to go for a walk each day, but it is aimless wandering and pointless. Been thinking about meeting hubby for lunch or when he gets off of work, just for the 20 min walk each way. Glad we are in the same boat 🙂 Lets try to turn the tide!

      • Today I actually got dressed right away. :-p Like, in real clothes.

      • Good job. I was about to call you lucky but then realized I can very easily do the same. And I think I will! (Even if its 10 30 and I just woke up) I told my husband that there is a gnome living under out bed who has a little hammer and knocks me unconscious. Only explanation. Yesterday I was making the bed in the middle off the day and next thing I know its two hours later and I was wrapped in a blanket. UGH >.<

  4. I absolutely relate to this, I am not remotely a morning person.
    You probably know this already, but being tired all the time is totally part of culture shock and adjusting. This probably hasn’t happened any time you’ve just visited Sweden, or anywhere else for that matter, because as you well know it’s not the same as living there! When I first moved to Peru I wanted to sleep constantly and doing any little thing exhausted me. Trip to the grocery? Nap time. Be patient with yourself and know it’s normal.

    • Thanks 🙂 I know it will pass- just hoping sooner than later! It helps to hear that others experience it as well, because it sure doesn’t feel normal..or healthy! 🙂

  5. This is exactly what happened to me! I’ve come to Denmark three times before and never had much of a jet lag problem. This time it took weeks, and now, almost two months after being over here, I’m just finally starting to get up “early.” I think it’s our bodies’ reaction to our “this won’t be like vacation” resolutions. Also: duvets. Seriously, one of the best things I’ve ever experienced.

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