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Swedish Movie Theaters: “Svenska Biografer”


This weekend was the fourth time I’ve gone to the movies in Sweden, which is a little bit different than going in New York.

  • Movie selection. Which is mostly the same but generally a few weeks later. We don’t get all the movies that show in the States but we do get our own Swedish movies.
  • Language. Contrary to what you might think, most movies are shown in English, but with Swedish subtitles. Sweden does not dub English like some countries such as Germany. However, they do dub for cartoons and movies made for children, since they haven’t begun their English education yet.
  • Online booking. The only line you wait on in a Swedish movie theater is to get your popcorn and drinks. Buy your tickets online ( and pick them up using a machine (The Biomat), all you need to do is dip the same credit card you used for the online purchase.
  • Finding a seat. While you are buying your tickets online you also pick a seat! No more worrying about getting there in time for the good seats or getting stuck with the bad ones, look at the chart and pick an empty seat of your liking. We only go to showings that have the seats we like.
  • BYOS. Bring your own snacks. No need to stuff a backpack and sneak your candy and drinks into the theater in Sweden, it is common to bring your own from outside world.
  • Last call. The last screening for the night usually ends pretty early (Compared to what I’m used to…and of course it might just be the town I am in). Nine or ten is typical here, meaning the theater is generally empty by midnight.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of a Swedish Movie Theater! (Biografer)


2 thoughts on “Swedish Movie Theaters: “Svenska Biografer”

  1. Wait till you’ve visited the theaters in Stockholm.. They are a “tiny” bit bigger. 🙂

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