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Me and Some Swedish Food: “Jag och Lite Svensk Mat”


Four (Fyra) Wienerbröd

Scouring through my old photos I came across a pattern. Every time I make a new folder of my visits in Sweden there is a sub folder named “food.” Couple this together with the hubby bringing home my favorite sweet, wienerbröd (a “Danish”), the other day and realizing that I needed to take a picture of it before sinking my teeth into it- I realized I might as well put this photo taking habit to use (In my defense he brought home four danishes and it looked pretty when I put them on the plate). So, today’s post is a simple one- some past photos of me enjoying Swedish food! Which is likely to be a reoccurring theme in the future, but at least those will be current and these will provide some Swedish context!

Anywhere we go

Danishes in Denmark

Strawberry Jam & Cream

Strawberry Jam on my pannkakor (Swedish pancakes, translates to "Pan Cookies," otherwise known as "crepes"

Christmas Dessert! I love Struvor!

Bag of truffles, the bag says, "My Heart Bleeds for Chocolate"

Enjoying a Delicious Gelato!

Swedish Pizza (Only made as Individual Pies) Vegetarian

Swedish Kabob Pizza

Some Swedish Meatballs, Sausage and Potatoe Cassarole

Can't celebrate Midsummer without Herring of all sorts!

Our Wedding "Smörgåsbord," front and center: Salmon

Makes me Smile!

Waffles in Trivoli (Carnival), Denmark

Waffles in Liseberg, Göteborg (Large Theme park in Gothenburg)

Semla och Wienerbröd

Eating pizza with a knife and fork

Eating Pizza in the Park

Some Homemade Food from the Swedish Hubby

Enjoying Lingonberry with my meat and potatoes

A lot of sweets in those photos but you get the idea. Believe it or not, people look at you strange when you whip out a camera in restaurants or at the family gatherings, so there  is a lot of traditional Swedish food missing, which I will work on photographing! Hope you enjoyed seeing me eat all that food!


9 thoughts on “Me and Some Swedish Food: “Jag och Lite Svensk Mat”

  1. Where’s the marzipan!!??!

  2. princess cake

  3. Wow, everything looks so yummy, especially the desserts. How is everyone staying so slender over there? :p

    • Good question, they don;t super size everything I guess! Seriously though,if you order the largest drink here in MDonalds it is the same as our medium. Aside from that there’s loads of less preservatives and such, I’m sure that helps! How they stay slender after all the pastries is a mystery I hope to learn!

  4. I love that you’ve been eating kebabpizza 🙂 Truly Swedish.

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  6. When we use to whip out our camera in years past to take pictures of thrilling food, we use to get looks. Now, in 2015, we’re dismayed that half of a fancy or exotic restaurant seems to have folks seem to be there only for collecting images for scrapbooks. Then they are busy uploading them to FaceBook or texting them to friends. It’s a curious sight to see 8 people, dressed to the nines sitting in front of eye-popping food, all of them hunched over iphones!

    — Gerry

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