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Snow: “Snö”


This morning the hubby and I decided to go into town to do a bit of shopping and have lunch. Everyday when I step outside I wonder where the snow is. This is Sweden, right? I’ve read about and seen photos of towns North of us having a lot of snow. I’ve spent two Winters in Southern Sweden before and there was always snow on the ground. Not a flake in the air as we left the apartment even though it was in the forecast. I spotted a slight mist of snow on two cars in the street and excitedly took photos of any trace of snow in the area. It wasn’t very impressive, but hopeful.

Thinking nothing of it, we continued to a few stores. We walked through the center of town and gravitated towards some very loud music where we found a small fashion show in the distance, a few people watching as the models walked the runway in shorts and tank tops. It might not be snowing but it is cold! That is crazy. A few minutes later there are a few random snow flakes falling and I am smiling. We carry on shopping, looking for a place to eat lunch, ignoring the light snow.

We find a place to eat, after rejecting the first two restaurants because their menu wasn’t what we wanted or the price was too high. We go to a small restaurant I haven’t been to before, on the second floor of the grocery store I go to all the time.  We both eat fish and potatoes with a chunky salsa-like sauce. We get our food and snatch a seat  by the window overlooking the town square, by this time the snow flakes  are huge and falling fast.

It’s only a five minute walk home, but I stopped to take a few photos along the way. It turns out snow is a lot more pleasant once it stops gusting down into your face. That poor fashion show was still performing. Must be the viking blood.

I wonder how much snow we will get. I heard today is also the first real snow fall for NYC, I was beginning to think that me moving here upset nature and neither place would see the fluffy whiteness of snow again. Balance is restored!

The rest of the walk home looked like a winter wonderland started to form right in front of our eyes over the course of a few minutes. We looked and felt like snowmen by the time we reached our house after our short walk home. Can’t wait till the snow stops falling so I can take some crisp photos of Snowy Sweden.


8 thoughts on “Snow: “Snö”

  1. Read this latest blog while looking out of my wimdow here in Melville NY and felt a certain kinship with the newlyweds, although as of now, we are exhibiting more snowy weather than they are! However,we are not eating fish and potatoes, but breakfast!! 25 deg right now and hoping the snow will stop by early evening so we can attend a birthday party!

  2. A snowy day in NY as well, with about 6 inches on the ground — so we share the kindred spirit! There is something about the first real snowfall that makes everyone a child at heart again. Indoors, there is a big pot of beef barley soup simmering and the last of this fall’s apple pies baking in the oven. Outdoors, Jett the pup is playing snow plough with his nose, and a long driveway beckons.

  3. 5 Potatoes this isn’t for one is it

  4. Susan: Beef Barley Soup, fresh baked apple pie? Have you any leftovers?? I’ll be there!!

  5. snowing here too in Stockholm, big, white flaky chunks of it! your pic looks a little like Orebro town centre?
    love the snow pics you put in this post, I’m having trouble taking decent ones at the mo, well done 🙂

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