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What a Love-ly Town!: Vilken härlig stadsdel!


Yesterday I mentioned that the hubby and I ventured to the mall. To get there we had to take a bus, and on the way to that bus I saw something. A different bus. A Bus Called Love.

No, really! The destination read: “Kärleken”

Kärlek means “love” in Swedish so I did a double take and said, “Lovin’“! Which is not what it says, but what it looked like to me. The “en” at the end makes it “The Love” which is a neighborhood in Sweden. I found this cute and amazing and thought of the McDonalds slogan, “I’m Lovin’ it” along with McLovin’ and started asking, “Where is THE LOVE!?” It really wasn’t as funny as I thought in that moment but it made me wonder what other neighborhoods or street names are out there that translates into something funny, weird, inappropriate, or interesting in English? Can anyone think of any?

A photo taken that same day, I did not notice the coincidence until I started writing this post:


6 thoughts on “What a Love-ly Town!: Vilken härlig stadsdel!

  1. Just want to say that I adore your blog! I’m a typical “lagom” swede but have lived abroad in periods and I realized that Sweden and its inhabitants really march by the beat of their own drum. If this is in a “special” way or special good way, that’s up for discuss but at least it will be a entertaining discussion.

  2. Aw, thank you Kajsa! I’m happy you’re enjoying the blog! Where abroad have you lived? Marching to the beat of your own drum is good if you know when to adapt, which I think can apply to everyone living anywhere. Its good to stay true to yourself and your culture!

  3. Megster! We do have a road in Sweden that is called “Ryckepungsvägen”. This is the address of one of Biltema’s stores. It translates something like “Pull-scrotum-road”. I think it’s kind of funny, even in Swedish (meaning the same) :-D. Anyhow, here is a site with other strange names on Swedish towns, villages and streets.
    See you saturday I hope!

    • Haha, wonderful, thank you! The only street I could think of was yours actually, which is strange but maybe not as funny. 😛 I am waiting to see if we have (and if we can move) conflicting plans, should find out today! See you soon 😀

  4. speaking of Love , i LOVE your blog. keep it up =P

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