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Sundays in Sweden: Söndagar i Sverige


Walking the streets of Sweden feels like a different place on Sundays. All the shops are closed aside from food stores, restaurants, and the mall. The streets are empty and quiet. Coming from a big city I’m still adjusting to this part of Swedish life. The part where everyone slows down. I do enjoy it, its relaxing and peaceful but certainly not what I’m used to. Most stores close early on Saturdays as well, and many people take a month long vacation in July. There is certainly a bit of inconvenience to this but once adjusted (and working!) I’m sure I’ll appreciate it. People know when to take a break here, in fact they take a “fika,” which translates into coffee break but means a bit more than that. Fika is more of a social activity, its an important part of the day to sit down with friends or co-workers to take a break and have some coffee along with sweet delicious pastries. Pastries! That brings me full circle back to the Swedish Sundays, when the bakery around the corner from us, Östras Bröd, teases us by baking all day long while being closed. The sweet aroma wafts into our apartment and mocks us! What I would do for a Wienerbröd or Semla!

Today we ventured to the mall to do a little bit of shopping, our target: Biltema. A store that started based around car [bil!] parts and such that has extended to (cheaper) housewares and more. Being that I have been here for only almost a month, I am still rebuilding my crafting supplies and always finding new things we can use around our apartment! (Some more useful than others) Our outing was a success, coming home and unpacking our bags felt like Christmas! I managed to find two things that I was going to ask my brother to mail  to me from home (The prices in other stores were way too high). I’ll have to come up with different items for my first care package from the U.S., any ideas?


4 thoughts on “Sundays in Sweden: Söndagar i Sverige

  1. Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog, I’d figure I’d check yours out too!

    I have a question though – just where in Sweden do you live?! Your quote “All the shops are closed aside from food stores, restaurants, and the mall. The streets are empty and quiet” definitely rules out Stockholm!

    We were in London the weekend before Christmas, and were extremely annoyed by the fact that the stores that were even open, opened at noon at the earliest… In Stockholm the store hours are usually the same on a Sunday as a Saturday, except for maybe an hour in the evening.

    So, if you get sick of calm Sundays – head to the capital!


  2. Certainly not Stockholm! The capital (Or any of the larger cities, Goteborg, Malmo?) of any country is always different than the rest, I would assume! We are in a smaller town in southern Sweden. I still haven’t been to Stockholm yet but looking forward to it. I know my hubby would rather live in a medium sized-larger city, but I am content for the time being.

  3. I am absolutely enjoying your blog and a bit of vicarious living through your words. I can see the pilot for a sit-com in your future! Keep on living, loving and writing about it all. Congrats on your first month anniversary abroad.

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