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The Beginning of Something New: Början på något nytt


Creating this blog is not only an outlet, its a way to learn, connect, integrate, absorb, and socialize.

That process begun once the idea was in motion. Already I am trying harder and learning more. Just to think of a creative Swedish-inspired username involved new Swedish vocabulary, websites, and blogs. I learned new words and found new resources. I started reading about other bloggers experiences in Sweden.

The most relevant word being “lagom,” which I have heard before and has been described to me, but it never stuck. It’s a uniquely Swedish term that doesn’t have an English equivalent (Which I find to be pretty common, the Swedish language has denser words that the English language usually uses two or three words to describe.) Not only does it not translate perfectly but its just a very Swedish idea, or feeling. A popular etymological translation is “around the team” meaning enough food or drink for everyone at the table. Lagom is “Just enough,” “Not too much or too little,” “Just right,” “Enough to go around,” “Fair share.” It indicates balance. Lagom doesn’t have the negative connotation of “sufficient” nor does it claim perfection. It works in a lot of different contexts, which is why its so interesting and special. “How are you?” can be answered with lagom. “How is the weather?” “Lagom” This term not only has many applications but it represents the Swedish cultural and social ideals of equality and fairness.

Maybe its a bit cliche to use such a significant word in a blog about Sweden, but nothing else fit as lagomly (Made up Swenglish!)

I should have started writing about Sweden years ago, when I first visited. There are things I’ll have to recapture and remember, but I’m sure there are more things to experience now that I’ve actually started living here. My first visit was about 3 years ago, I have been here four times before the move. Three times was for two weeks each (Spring, Winter Winter) and the fourth was for two months during the Summer. I have experienced and celebrated Easter & Midsummer one time each, as well as Christmas & New Years three times each. Everything was through the eyes of a tourist who was completely unaware of Swedish customs and language. I hope that changes, I hope to notice and learn more. I hope to share and teach, or at least entertain, anyone who reads this!


6 thoughts on “The Beginning of Something New: Början på något nytt

  1. Hoppas att din vistelse är till belåtande!

    In other words, have a pleasant stay. 🙂

  2. Hej, I will be in Sweden on December 1. I hope to catch some friends and learn Swedish

  3. I first noted your blog a few weeks ago. Over the past year or two it seems all things Swedish have been “magnetized”. I’m reading Swedish fiction, cooking and eating Swedish food, and pursuing the more oblique and esoteric Swedish film. I’ve just now started trying to suss out the language.

    So now I’m starting way back here, on your first (apparent) day in 2012, and I intend to read the whole damn blog.

    Let’s see how far I get. In any case kudos to you for having whaled away on it this long, three years. I find that extends, on average about 2.75 years longer than most would-be bloggers.

    — Gerry

    • Thanks Gerry – it means a lot to me, especially to note how long I’ve been at it. As you can see I wrote A LOT more frequently in the begining and started to skip months at a time in 2014, ready to quit, but decided that too many people are looking for answers to their Swedish questions. I hope you enjoy the first part of the blog. Good luck with the language!

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